Crochet Items That Sell Well

Today I’m going to answer a very big question, “what crochet items sell well?”  I cannot always answer this question. Not because I don’t understand the question, but because I don’t understand why it’s being asked.

The idea behind this question is that there are specific items that when made in crochet will sell like hotcakes! Make the exact right item and you’ll be making more money than you can image. Well, that is true to a certain extent, but there isn’t just one thing. And, well, the things you decide to sell should be based on more than me, or anyone saying “you should sell _____ because I think they’ll sell well.”

So, instead of answering the question with a list of specific items, I’m going to answer it with a list of specific criteria. What are the notes your crochet items that sell well need to hit in order to make your business happy.

  1. Figure out who you’re making items for. You cannot sell anything if you’re selling to the wrong audience so answer the question “who is my audience?” and you’ll begin to be on the right track to finding out those crochet items that sell best. A great place to start is my free report on “Find Your Target Market Today!”” because only when you know who you’re selling to can you make the thing that sells.
  2. Forget that the item you’re making is crochet. STOP getting caught up in the idea that what you’re making is crochet. Yes, I know IT IS crochet, but if you get stuck there you think your audience is looking specifically for crochet when what they’re probably looking for is a cool hat, or a fun scarf or a sexy top. They don’t care if it’s crochet or not, they just want it to be what they want or need.
  3. Stop making what everyone else is making. If you’re looking for the “most popular” thing, it should be easy to find, but that means your customer can easily find it from anyone as well. What is going to make your item stand out if you start making what you think is “most popular” and everyone is making it?
  4. Find your own crochet voice. Make things that speak directly to you or to the audience you have identified as the one you’d like to engage. Speaking your own crochet language will go a long way to making you stand out in the marketplace and attract the attention of those you are looking to impress.
  5. Create a plan for what your business will be. I know you started selling off the cuff whatever you were making. But now that you want to make it a business it’s time to really sit down and create a plan for your business. Decide what education you need, what investment you’re willing to make, who your ideal customers are and where you want to see your business go. Doing that, will allow you to make crochet items that sell best because they are perfect for your business. 5 Steps to Successfully Start a Crochet Business will point you in the direction of your dreams and help you get moving on a plan.

I know that’s not exactly what you hoped but it’s a real representation of what will sell. People love scarves, hats, wraps, shawls etc. But what they really LOVE is something ‘unique’ or ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ or ‘warm’ or ‘pretty’ or . . . well, I think you get where I’m going. Make something really amazing for your target audience and it will sell well. . . you won’t even have to tell them it’s crochet, that will be an added bonus or your little secret.

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